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Steam bath (indoor area): 24.6. - 28.6.2024
Fire sauna (Tuli sauna): 1.7. - 5.7.2024
Earth sauna: 8.7. - 12.7.2024
Banya: 19.8. - 23.8.2024

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General Terms and Conditions of Bad Rheinfelden AG

These General Terms and Conditions, hereinafter referred to as GTC, apply to the contractual relationship between Bad Rheinfelden AG and its customers and apply to all legal relationships entered into on site regarding the use of the facilities and equipment, services and purchases as well as orders, reservations and purchases made via the online store at soleuno.ch or the offers contained on the website.

The contractual partner, service provider and user of these GTC is

Bad Rheinfelden AG (hereinafter referred to as BRAG) Roberstenstrasse 31 4310 Rheinfelden Phone +41 61 836 66 11 Fax +41 61 836 66 12 E-Mail infoparkresort.ch

The customer expressly agrees to these GTC in the version valid at the time of the conclusion of the contractual relationship. BRAG does not recognize any deviating terms and conditions of the customer, unless BRAG has expressly agreed to their validity in writing.

The imprint at soleuno.ch/imprint as well as the house rules (notices on site) are an integral part of these GTC.

The current version of the GTC is posted on the website of BRAG and can be requested in printed form for viewing and taking away. These GTC are an integral part of every contractual relationship between guest/customer and BRAG.

a) sole uno The business area of sole uno includes the bathing and sauna area and the massage lounge as well as the restaurant areas Vista Mar, Vista Sol and Vista Vital. The customer must abide by the house rules of BRAG. The house rules are displayed at the main entrance of sole uno and can be accessed via the soleuno.ch website. The staff of BRAG exercises domiciliary rights towards all customers. Customers who violate the house rules or the instructions of BRAG staff may be expelled from sole uno. The stay in the facilities of BRAG can be prohibited for a certain period of time or permanently. There will be no refund of the admission fee. For admission to sole uno, the customer basically has the following choices:

  • Time-limited admissions (1.5, 2, 3 hours)
  • One-day admission (unlimited on the day of visit)

The admission price does not include all other services offered by BRAG, such as massages. The use of 1 bath towel and 1 sauna towel is included in the entrance fee. The bath and sauna towels are to be returned at the end of use at the sauna exit or in the changing area. When purchasing an entrance ticket, the customer receives a chip bracelet on loan, which authorizes access and must be returned at the end of use. The purchase of an admission ticket entitles the customer to use sole uno during the purchased period of stay. The opening hours as well as the prices for visiting sole uno and the services available there can be found in the publications of BRAG, in particular the respective notice board, the website and the flyers. In case of doubt, the current information on the soleuno.ch website shall apply.

The opening hours may be shortened by BRAG at any time and without prior notice, without any claims being made against BRAG as a result. Last admission is always 120 minutes before the end of opening hours. The bathing and sauna operation ends 30 minutes before the end of the opening time. If the time of stay cannot be used, there is no claim for refund of the admission fee. The time of stay is limited and starts when passing the turnstile. If the time of stay is exceeded, there is an obligation to pay the additional fee. Electronic or on-site tickets, which remain unused during the time of bathing and sauna, will not be taken back. Lost chip bracelets will not be replaced, a new entrance ticket must be purchased. A credit is deposited on the chip wristbands (except for children's entries and school classes) to enable cashless payment. In case of loss of the chip wristband as well as the invoice receipt, an amount of CHF 50.00 (credit amount) has to be paid by the customer. In addition, a lump sum of CHF 10.00 must be paid for lost chip wristbands (replacement costs). A temporary breakdown or closure due to maintenance or renovation of individual facilities and services does not justify a reduction or refund of the admission fee paid or any part thereof.

Access to sole uno is strictly prohibited:

a. Persons under the influence of intoxicants or narcotics. b. Persons who have animals with them. c. Persons suffering from a communicable, contagious disease.

Persons suffering from heart and/or circulatory problems as well as pregnant women should consult a doctor before using the sole uno wellness world. Persons who are unable to move around, get dressed or undressed, or climb into pools without assistance are only permitted to use sole uno together with an accompanying person. The suitability of the accompanying person is decided by the staff on site. Children up to the age of 4 are not admitted, from the age of 4 up to the age of 14 only if accompanied by an adult. Children and teenagers up to the age of 14 are not admitted to the sole uno sauna facilities. Individual treatments (e.g. massages) are only available to adults. Senior citizens are women from the age of 64 and men from the age of 65. These ages are decisive for the receipt of senior citizen discounts.

b) Liability Customers use sole uno at their own risk, without prejudice to BRAG's obligation to keep all facilities in a roadworthy condition. Liability for accidents or injuries is rejected or limited to gross negligence. BRAG is not liable for the destruction, damage or loss of objects brought into the facilities. This also applies to items stored in clothes racks/wardrobes or lockers. No liability can be accepted for valuables and cash even if they have been deposited in safe-deposit boxes. Customers are advised not to carry valuables with them.

Customers are advised that brine and drinking water as well as increased temperatures (e.g. in the sauna) can lead to changes in materials. Therefore, no liability can be accepted for damage, especially to glasses, watches, jewelry, swimwear and other items that the customer carries with him/her. Parents are liable for their children.

c) Subscriptions 10-person subscriptions are valid for two years from the date of issue. The tickets are personalized and transferable only to 1 other person. This person receives one accompanying entry per stay at the bath cash desk. Annual subscriptions are personalized and valid for 365 days from the day of issue. Annual subscriptions are not automatically renewed. The customer acknowledges that full contact details (first name, surname, address, telephone number and e-mail address, date of birth) as well as a photo for visual control will be recorded and stored for the duration of the contract. The annual pass holder will receive a chip bracelet, which entitles him/her to one entry and exit per day. An exception to this rule is the unlimited annual pass with one-day admission, which entitles the holder to multiple entries and exits. Annual season tickets are extended in case of accident or illness in case of a written request and upon presentation of a doctor's certificate (from 4 weeks per incident). Non-use does not entitle the customer to a price reduction or refund for a subscription that has already been paid for.

In the event of a temporary restriction of the offer or the opening and operating hours, the customer is not entitled to a refund or to an extension of a subscription. No claim for refund or extension of a subscription arises from operationally necessary closures (for example, for renovations, reconstruction, revisions, weather, etc.). In the event of closures or interruptions of operations due to force majeure (epidemics/pandemics) and other unforeseeable events, there is no entitlement to refunds, extension of the subscription or a timestop.

In case of non-compliance with the terms of the contract (e.g. unauthorized transfer of a subscription to other persons), BRAG reserves the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect, to confiscate the chip bracelet and to block the customer from using the offers and services. A refund of the purchase price will not be made in these cases.

d) fit&well gallery The business area of the fit&well gallery includes the fitness studio with course rooms, the pedicure and massage area and the solarium.

e) Courses Course registration is made in writing or electronically and is binding. The personal data of the course participants are treated confidentially. The number of participants is limited. Registrations will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. If the course has not been paid for via the online store, course participants will receive a course confirmation/invoice with QR deposit slip by mail/email. All Aqua Fitness participants will receive a personalized sole uno entry medium by mail, valid for a respective duration of stay of 1.5 h and for the entire course duration as well as until 2 months after the end of the course.

In addition to personal data, information on the current state of health of the course participants is necessary for the assessment of health risks and for the corresponding course classification (Qualicert). The participants are obliged to fill in all information completely and truthfully and to bring the health questionnaire to the 1st course lesson. The information will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties. The payment date listed on the course confirmation is binding. The registration obligates you to pay the course fee. Non-payment is not considered as cancellation. Payment is also possible at the sole uno information desk.

Cancellation of a course is associated with administrative costs. In case of cancellation up to 1 week before the start of the course, the course fee will be waived or refunded. A processing fee of CHF 30.00 will be charged. If the cancellation is made less than one week before the start of the course, the entire course fee must be paid or will not be refunded.

For all courses organized by BRAG, BRAG excludes any liability for damages incurred. No liability is accepted for accidents, injuries or damage to property. Course participants are therefore responsible for ensuring that they have adequate insurance cover. The use of the facilities is at your own risk. The provider or BRAG cannot be held liable for theft or loss of items. The course aids are made available to the participants on a loan basis for the course. The course fee is to be understood in each case incl. aids, in the case of the aqua fitness courses incl. sole uno entry for 1.5h.

In case of single missed lessons (holidays/illness) there will be no refund. However, depending on the space available and after consultation with the course instructor, it is possible to make up for these lessons in another course during the current course duration. After the end of the course, this entitlement expires. If, for medical reasons (doctor's certificate), the course cannot be continued or taken, a credit will be issued for a follow-up course or, in exceptional cases, a value voucher.

If the course instructor is unable to attend the course, the course secretariat can change the course instructor or appoint a substitute. If the course lesson is cancelled, an alternative date will be offered. A refund of the costs is not possible. At the request of the course participants, the course management will issue a certificate of attendance (Qualicert) at the end of the course.

In the event of violations of individual contract components, the house rules or instructions of the staff, BRAG is entitled to refuse the course participation after written warning within 7 days and to dissolve the contract with the course participant(s); in this case, no reimbursement of costs will be made.

f) Fitness membership A valid membership entitles the member to use the training rooms and training equipment of the fitness studio during regular opening hours. The opening hours are announced by notice in the fitness studio. The membership is not automatically renewed after the term agreed in the contract. In the event of proven illness, the member will receive a time credit upon presentation of a doctor's certificate. The time credit will only be granted if the prevention lasts at least 4 weeks and will then be appended to the contract term. The member receives a chip wristband, which serves as a personal admission ticket. The wristband may not be given to any other person.

A member may not bring non-members into the gym without permission from the Fitness Director.

Use of the gym and exercise equipment is at the member's own risk. Liability for accidents, injuries and damage to property is declined or limited to gross negligence. The trainees are therefore responsible for sufficient insurance coverage. No liability is accepted for loss of or damage to clothing, valuables and money.

The member is obligated to immediately report any self-inflicted damage to training equipment or furnishings. He/she is liable for the damage caused. The instructions of the staff are to be followed. The posted fitness regulations are obligatory and part of the contract. In case of violations of individual contract components, the house rules or instructions of the staff, BRAG is entitled to terminate the membership contract after written warning within 14 days and without reimbursement of costs.

g) Online tickets Online tickets for BRAG services may only be purchased from the official website. The purchaser / purchasers of tickets acknowledge that in case of non-compliance they may be excluded from visiting sole uno and fit&well gallery without compensation.

Online tickets are transferable, with the exception of tickets purchased from a personal annual subscription, within the scope of these GTC. Tickets may not be altered or copied. Online tickets may be printed out at home or sent to the customer by post. Online tickets authorize the buyer to enter directly without waiting at the regular box office. Chip wristbands can be obtained from the correspondingly marked separate ticket machines. The validity of the ticket is checked electronically by BRAG (by means of a barcode).

When purchasing an online ticket or reserving an online ticket for an admission (in the case of reservations by annual pass or 10-ticket subscribers), the customer selects a time of stay in sole uno. The selected length of stay for the stay is binding as the minimum length of stay, longer stays must be paid for later.

When purchasing an online ticket, cancellation or subsequent rebooking to another day or time as well as a refund of the purchase price are generally not possible. Admission to sole uno is possible before the selected time of stay (at the earliest 10 minutes before).

Late entry after the beginning of the selected time of stay is allowed at most until the end of the selected time of stay. In case of late entry, the stay cannot be extended arbitrarily by the selected duration of the online ticket or the duration of the delay. If the selected period of stay is exceeded, an additional fee according to the current tariffs is to be paid, even if the selected period of stay is observed in total. Admission with an online ticket is guaranteed for the entire selected period of stay.

After the selected length of stay (delay), an online ticket can be redeemed for a later length of stay on the same day at the sole uno box office, subject to availability and at no additional cost, provided there is sufficient capacity. Waiting times may occur. Redemption is not guaranteed. The online ticket can only be used on the selected day and loses its validity on the day following the reservation. Online tickets must be purchased and reserved by midnight on the previous day at the latest; this is no longer possible after this time. An online ticket can be purchased no earlier than 28 days in advance. Only 1 admission per person can be reserved.

h) Reservation of services Reservations of services are binding. The service provided by BRAG is generally subject to a charge, regardless of whether the reserving customer has used the service. However, the customer has the right to withdraw from the reserved service by prior cancellation by telephone (see below the relevant conditions).

Cancellations reported at least 24 hours before the reserved date will be cancelled free of charge or, in the case of services already paid for, the cost will be refunded. If the cancellation is not made 24 hours before the reserved date, 100% of the cost of the provided service will be charged. In case of no-show through no fault of the client, the entire cost is due or there will be no refund for services already paid for.

Paid services must be obtained at the latest 30 minutes before the start by registering at the bath cash desk. In case of later appearance, this is considered as non-appearance. Regardless of the type of reservation, all reserved services that have not been paid for in advance must be paid for at the bath cashier's desk at least 30 minutes before the start. Otherwise, the appointments may be assigned elsewhere. There is no entitlement to an alternative appointment in the event of failure to meet the aforementioned payment deadline.

i) Vouchers BRAG vouchers can be redeemed in all business areas of the Rheinfelden Park Resort. The vouchers can be purchased on site or via online store as well as ordered by phone or e-mail. The vouchers are only active once payment has been received. For orders in the online store, the prices listed in the offer at the time of the order apply. The prices listed are final prices in Swiss francs and include VAT. Postage costs will be charged for orders sent by post. Prices and assortment as well as technical changes remain reserved. All offers are non-binding.

The validity of the vouchers complies with the legal requirements according to articles 127 and 128 of the Swiss Code of Obligations (usually 10 years).

Admissions purchased free of charge with a value of CHF 0 can only be redeemed up to the date printed on the voucher. An extension or exchange is excluded.

If a value voucher is purchased for a specific service, the purchase price guarantees the prices of the respective service within one year from the date of issue. A cash payment is generally not possible.

In the case of a voucher redemption for the service specifically mentioned therein after this date, an additional payment may be possible as a result of a general price increase. In the case of vouchers purchased during special promotions (e.g. Christmas Special, Monthly Hit, etc.), there is also the possibility of a surcharge from one year after purchase (see date of issue on the voucher). The amount of the surcharge corresponds to the difference between the purchase price when the voucher was acquired and the sales price of the specific service valid at the time of redemption.

Should, in the case of a voucher redemption after this date, the purchased service no longer be offered, the service voucher will be converted into a value voucher. In principle, the equivalent value of a voucher converted into a value voucher can be used to purchase any other service at the time of purchase. If the equivalent value of the voucher is less than the price of the selected service or good to be purchased, the value of the voucher shall be credited against the price of the service or good. If the equivalent value of the voucher is greater than the price of the selected service or the goods to be purchased, any remaining balance of the equivalent value of the voucher under CHF 5.00 will be paid out at the request of the customer. If the equivalent value is more than CHF 5.00, it will be transferred to a new voucher upon request - payment in cash is then not possible.

j) Orders/delivery All orders are binding. Orders with delivery by post will generally be executed within two working days and sent by A-Post. Working days are Monday to Friday. An additional shipping/handling fee of CHF 5.00 per order will be charged for online orders with delivery by post within Switzerland. Deliveries to other European countries are made exclusively for online orders. A shipping/handling fee of CHF 10.00 will be charged for this. For telephone orders (only within Switzerland) we charge CHF 2.50 in addition to the regular shipping and handling costs, i.e. a total of CHF 7.50 is added to the offer price. The orderer assures that he/she has given the correct and complete delivery address. Should there be additional costs for shipping due to incorrect address data, e.g. additional shipping costs, the customer has to bear these costs.

k) Terms of payment The following means of payment are accepted on site: Cash (CHF), credit and debit cards, vouchers. All prices are in Swiss francs and include the statutory value added tax. Prices quoted are subject to change. Any delivery and shipping costs are to be paid separately. If payment is made by credit card, the amount will be debited. On the credit card statement will appear the note "Parkresort Rheinfelden". Data transmission in the online store is encrypted and in accordance with current security standards.

l) Retention of title The delivered goods remain the property of BRAG until full payment of the purchase price. Ownership is only transferred to the customer when the entire liability from the delivery to BRAG has been fulfilled. In case of resale of the goods under retention of title, the customer already now assigns the resulting claims to BRAG. The assigned claim serves as security for BRAG in case of resale of the goods in question. If the goods are resold by the buyer together with other goods not belonging to BRAG, the assignment is only valid to the amount of the corresponding value of the goods according to BRAG's invoice.

m) Warranty conditions If there is a defect in a purchased item, the statutory provisions apply. If the customer is a consumer, he is obliged to notify BRAG in writing of material defects and defects of title within two weeks after their detection. If this obligation to give notice of defects is violated, the customer is obliged to compensate BRAG for the resulting damage. This provision does not constitute an exclusion period for the purchaser's rights regarding defects. BRAG is only liable for damages caused by intentional or grossly negligent actions of BRAG.

n) Data protection Information on data protection policy and data security can be found in the notice on data protection.

o) Final Provisions Place of performance and payment is the registered office of BRAG. BRAG reserves the right to change these GTC at any time. Amendments will be made available on the website of BRAG and will enter into force upon their posting. Should one or more provisions of these GTC be or become invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions of these GTC shall not be affected thereby. In this case, the parties shall replace the invalid or unenforceable provision with a valid and enforceable provision that comes as close as possible to the economic purpose of the provision to be replaced. The same shall apply mutatis mutandis in the event that these GTC contain a loophole. These GTC and any disputes arising from or in connection with the contractual relationship shall be governed exclusively by Swiss law, excluding the conflict of laws provisions and the provisions of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). The exclusive place of jurisdiction is the registered office of BRAG, unless mandatory statutory provisions prevail. BRAG is also entitled to sue the customer at his/her domicile.

General Terms and Conditions (as of December 2022)