The sole uno is open until 5.00 pm on August 1st. Last entry at 3.00 pm, end of bathing and sauna time at 4.30 pm.

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Even the Romans and Greeks used the healing effect of sweating. Sauna bathing is ideal to gather new strength. The alternation between soothing heat and subsequent cooling strengthens the immune system and circulation. In short: the whole metabolism is revved up. Discover our sauna area.


Variety that inspires: In the sauna interior, every sauna lover gets his money's worth.

The Finnish indoor sauna has a relative humidity of 5-10% at a temperature of about 90°C. This makes it easier to endure the high air temperature. Every hour you can enjoy aromatic infusions here: Fresh breeze with mint and eucalyptus or fruit magic with wonderful citrus aromas - what do you feel like? During the intense fan infusion in the Finnish indoor sauna, you'll really work up a sweat - and not just from watching.

Humidity:5 to 10%

In the bio sauna with more moderate temperatures and pleasant humidity, the body sweats slowly and gently, the circulation is not so stressed. Therefore, the bio sauna is especially suitable for people who suffer from breathing or circulatory problems in the Finnish sauna. Due to the low temperatures, it is possible to stay longer (up to half an hour) in the sauna.

Humidity:30 to 40%

In the steam bath the climate is not so hot, but very humid. Especially healthy is the hot steam for diseases of the respiratory tract. The blood circulation is stimulated, the skin is cleansed and revitalized. Our tip: Combine your stay in the steam bath with a vitalizing salt peeling (daily 10:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.).


The fully automatic foot warming pools also invite you to relax. The bubbles are a boon for tired feet. A warm foot bath promotes blood circulation, opens the pores and activates the sweat glands. This makes sweating easier. In addition, you should never go to the sauna with cold feet.

After a lot of heat, the body always needs cooling. Take a deep breath of fresh air in the outdoor area and then cool down with cold water. Dare to go into the cold water plunge pool?

Between sauna sessions, you should allow your body some rest. How about a short nap in the atmospheric reclining room with fireplace and view of the magnificent sauna garden down to the Rhine? In the warm-air relaxation room with heated, ergonomically shaped reclining benches, you can unwind in peace and watch the fish in the large aquarium. The spacious sunbathing lawn with relaxation loungers is also an ideal place to unwind and, in addition to comfortable shady spots, also offers the possibility of textile-free sunbathing.

Outdoor area

Sauna like in Finland and Siberia - discover the original sauna culture of these countries in the three authentic sauna huts in the outdoor area.

In the earth sauna you will experience the archetype of Finnish sauna culture. The log cabin, handcrafted from pine logs and half-sunk into the ground, has a stone stove inside with a crackling fire constantly flickering.

Humidity:15 to 25%

Fire sauna, also called Tuli sauna in Finnish, is a 6-cornered log house made of Finnish polar pine logs. In the center it has a huge glass-covered fireplace. Approximately 24 people can be seated here and sweat and relax under the spell of the flickering fire.

Humidity:15 to 25%

Along with the Finns, the Russians also maintain a centuries-old bathing tradition. The banya is a Russian bathing house, which was and is appreciated by the whole family as a place for purification, health maintenance and communication. The authentically left log cabin in sole uno originates from Siberia and comfortably accommodates about 50 people for an impressive sauna experience. The temperature here is less hot than in the Finnish sauna, but there is much higher humidity. The "Wenik experience" (daily 1:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 5:30 p.m., and 7:30 p.m.) involves pouring lots of water with birch twigs (weniks) on the stove and then distributing the steam by waving it vertically. The birch aroma leaves a pleasant, natural fragrance.

Temperature:70 to 80°C
Humidity:approx. 30%

In addition to the regular sauna operation, authentically celebrated "Wenik rituals" lasting about two hours are offered three times a week in groups of 4 to 12 people. An experience of a very special kind!

sole uno - Saunalandschaft Aussenbereich
Feuersauna im sole uno
Feuersauna im sole uno

Our sauna highlights

- Wenik infusion in the Russian banya
- Fan infusion in the Finnish indoor sauna
- Vitalizing salt peeling in the steam bath
- Aroma infusions in the Finnish indoor sauna


Questions? We answer them!


Yes, there are no additional costs for the use of the sauna area.

Yes, in the sauna area we offer several sauna infusions daily from 09.00 to 21.00. You can also download the sauna infusion schedule.

Yes, in the various saunas is sauna without textiles. This ensures more effective, healthier and also more hygienic sweating. In the lounge and rest areas, as well as on the lawn in the sauna landscape, you can move around in your bathrobe or wrapped in your sauna towel.

No, the sauna area in sole uno is a mixed area.

No, the sauna area is always a mixed area.

No, the facilities in the sauna area may only be used from the age of 14.

  • For hygienic reasons, you should shower before taking a sauna.
  • No sweat on the wood! Please make sure that all parts of your body fit on the sauna towel.
  • Do not go to the sauna with cold feet. You can bring your feet to body temperature at our foot warming basins.
  • If you are an inexperienced sauna-goer, start with a shorter stay at lower temperatures.
  • After the sauna session, you should cool down, according to your condition. Start gently with your feet, as appropriate.
  • Fresh air supports the purification process of the body. Enjoy the park scenery in the sauna area.
  • Allow yourself rest periods between sauna sessions. You can relax wonderfully in our two stylish relaxation rooms or on the lawn.