The sole uno is open until 5.00 pm on August 1st. Last entry at 3.00 pm, end of bathing and sauna time at 4.30 pm.

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Yes, we recommend online reservation at our busier times, e.g. weekends and during vacations, especially in the fall/winter season.

  • Select your desired time in the store and receive your online ticket by mail for printing or directly to your cell phone.
  • Go directly to the issuing machine to the right of the sole uno bathing ticket office and scan the QR code.
  • You will receive a chip wristband with which you can enter the sole uno wellness world directly through the turnstile.

Important info:

  • Please make sure you select the correct date and time, as cancellation or subsequent rebooking to another day or time is not possible. The entrance ticket is only valid on the selected day at the selected time.
  • If the selected period is exceeded, an additional fee according to the current tariffs is to be paid, even if the selected period is kept.
  • If the period you have chosen is no longer bookable, the online allotments are exhausted. In this case you can still purchase tickets on site. There may be waiting times.
  • Online tickets must be purchased and reserved no later than midnight on the day before the event; this is no longer possible after this time. An online ticket can be purchased 28 days in advance at the earliest. Only 1 admission per person can be reserved.

The authorization for a reduced entrance fee to the sole uno wellness world is only possible upon presentation of an appropriate identification document. This check can only be done on site at the spa cash desk.

With the reservation of a day ticket, the whole day is blocked in the reservation system according to our opening hours. Our experience shows that guests with a day ticket usually do not spend the whole day in sole uno, but limit their stay to several hours. Thus, a realistic estimate of the period of the reservation is not possible.

We recommend the reservation in our online store, because you can book quickly, easily and at any time. Of course you can also contact us by phone +41 (0)61 836 67 63, on busy days there may be waiting times. You can only reserve a sole uno admission online.

You can withdraw from the reserved service by timely, prior cancellation by phone +41 (0)61 836 67 63. Cancellations less than 24 hours before the reserved date or no-shows will be charged 100% of the costs.


You can order vouchers online via credit card or buy them directly at the spa cash desk or at the information desk at the main entrance Parkresort.

When purchasing online, you can choose between two options:

  • Vouchers by mail: you will receive an attractive voucher card in a transparent envelope (A5 format). We charge a fee for processing your order and shipping, depending on the shipping destination.
  • Vouchers for download as PDF: Here you can choose between different PDF voucher designs. You print out the voucher yourself and have it immediately available this way; the processing fee does not apply.

This ensures that the presentee can redeem the voucher every day. Should the voucher be redeemed for admission from Monday to Friday (excl. public holidays), an amount of CHF 2.00 will be refunded to the guest, as the price is cheaper during the week.

Yes, via our switchboard: +41 (0)61 836 67 63 We charge a processing fee of CHF 2.50 in addition to the regular shipping and handling costs, i.e. a total of CHF 7.50 is added to the offer price.

The validity of the vouchers corresponds to the legal requirements according to the Code of Obligations Article 127 and 128 usually 10 years. You will find further information in our GTC.

Yes, in principle, the equivalent value of the voucher can be used at the time of purchase to obtain any other service at the Parkresort. For more information, please refer to our GTC.


The sole uno wellness world is located at Roberstenstrasse 31, in 4310 Rheinfelden.

  • By car: From the freeway exit Rheinfelden Ost (A3), from the main roads from the directions Kaiseraugst and Möhlin always follow the signs "Parkresort Rheinfelden". The sole uno wellness world has apaid parking garage.
  • By train: From the train station Rheinfelden (CH) you can easily take the Postbus 86 to the bus station "Parkresort". The journey takes about 5 minutes. Plan your trip with thetimetable of the SBB.

You can reach the spa ticket office via the main entrance "Parkresort Rheinfelden", past the Valora kiosk and restaurant Vista Mar and one floor below.

A parking garage with 320 parking spaces is at your disposal.

The payment machines are located directly at the exit and at the entrance via footpath sole uno.

Vis-à-vis the main entrance Parkresort/sole uno is the bus stop "Parkresort". Postbus 86 will take you to the train station in less than 10 minutes.

Yes, you can pay with Reka Check at our pool cash desk. However, this is not possible at our payment machines.


Daily from 08.00 to 22.30. Last entry at 20.30. End of bathing and sauna time at 22.00. Slightly modified opening hours may apply on general holidays. Please refer to our public holiday calendar.

Yes, with the entrance to the sole uno wellness world you have access to the bathing and sauna area.

In the bathing area you can refresh yourself at our bar Vista Vital (closed in summer). The Bistro Vista Sol in the fit&well gallery in the basement, which you can reach via the sunbathing lawn of the outdoor pool or the sun deck, is especially recommended in the warmer season. Here we cater for you on the terrace (and in the small indoor area) as well as in the cozy park lounge. You can conveniently pay cashless with your chip wristband. Outside the sole uno wellness world, the Vista Mar restaurant (with a view of the indoor pool, also open on the terrace in summer) is at your disposal. Further information


No, one bath towel and one sauna towel per person are included in the entrance fee.

Yes, you can obtain a bathrobe on loan at the spa cash desk for CHF 8.00. If you have booked a package, a bathrobe (on request) is included in the price.

  • Children from 4 to 13 years of age are admitted to the bath accompanied by an adult and pay CHF 20.00; admission is unlimited.
  • The sauna area may be used from the age of 14.
  • Massages are given to persons 18 years and older.


Yes, there is a checkpoint in the locker room area in front of the showers. You can hold your wristband there and the screen will show you the length of your stay.

No problem, you can also stay longer in the bath. At the end of your stay, you pay an additional CHF 2.50 per 15 minutes or part thereof. Day tickets are excluded from this.

Yes, but payment with euros is only possible at the pool cash desk, not at our vending machines. Ask at the cash desk for the current exchange rate.

No, the use of cell phones, cameras and film cameras, as well as all devices with which photos, films, etc. could be taken, is not permitted. This is for the protection of our bathing and sauna guests.

Yes, but listening to music is only allowed with devices that do not have a camera (e.g. IPod). Furthermore, headphones must be used. This is for the protection of our bathing and sauna guests.

No, the reservation of resting couches is not possible and also not allowed.

  • Relaxation of cramped and aching muscle groups
  • Promotion of active blood circulation
  • Improvement of joint and spine function
  • Stimulation of breathing
  • Positive influence on disorders of the vegetative nervous system
  • Favouring of the skin metabolism


Yes, there are no additional costs for the use of the sauna area.

Yes, in the sauna area we offer several sauna infusions daily from 09.00 to 21.00. You can also download the sauna infusion schedule.

Yes, in the various saunas is sauna without textiles. This ensures more effective, healthier and also more hygienic sweating. In the lounge and rest areas, as well as on the lawn in the sauna landscape, you can move around in your bathrobe or wrapped in your sauna towel.

No, the sauna area in sole uno is a mixed area.

No, the sauna area is always a mixed area.

No, the facilities in the sauna area may only be used from the age of 14.

  • For hygienic reasons, you should shower before taking a sauna.
  • No sweat on the wood! Please make sure that all parts of your body fit on the sauna towel.
  • Do not go to the sauna with cold feet. You can bring your feet to body temperature at our foot warming basins.
  • If you are an inexperienced sauna-goer, start with a shorter stay at lower temperatures.
  • After the sauna session, you should cool down, according to your condition. Start gently with your feet, as appropriate.
  • Fresh air supports the purification process of the body. Enjoy the park scenery in the sauna area.
  • Allow yourself rest periods between sauna sessions. You can relax wonderfully in our two stylish relaxation rooms or on the lawn.

Massages sole uno

Yes, massages are given only to people over 18 years old.

In the massage lounge you can enjoy massages daily between 9:00 and 21:00. Deviations on holidays are possible. Here you can find more opening hours at sole uno.

We offer two options: 1. in the massage lounge, massages take place within the sole uno wellness world - thus you need to buy an additional sole uno entrance. 2. in the fit&well gallery you can book massages without needing an additional sole uno admission. Please note, the offer may vary depending on the location.

Yes, we strongly recommend booking a massage so that you can fully enjoy your sole uno experience. There are always vacancies at short notice, which we display at the spa box office. You can book a massage online via our website or by phone at T +41 (0)61 836 67 63.

Yes, you can cancel or rebook your appointment free of charge up to 24 hours in advance. Cancellation conditions can be found in the GTC.

No, the duration of the application is added to the entrance time. For example, if you booked a massage of 50 minutes and an entrance of 2 hours, then your total stay will be 2 hours and 50 minutes.

Except for lymphatic drainage, you can enjoy all treatments together at the same time in the massage lounge.

Yes, you can obtain a bathrobe on loan at the spa cash desk for CHF 8.00. If you have booked a package, a bathrobe (on request) is included in the price.

Yes, lounge chairs and loungers are available in the massage lounge, as well as tea and water.

No, pregnant women do not receive massages because of possible complications (see bathing rules V . 3.). Women whose pregnancy is not recognizable to us act on their own responsibility when receiving a treatment.

If you have any health conditions, please consult your doctor in advance. Please let our massage specialists know if certain areas of the body are to be excluded from the treatment or if other special features need to be taken into account.

No, for the treatments in the massage lounge you always need a sole uno entrance, because you are inside the wellness world. However, you have the possibility to use our massage offer in the fit&well gallery.


Monday till Friday7.30 till 21.00
Saturday / Sunday7.30 till 17.00

At the following times our fitness instructors are available for your requests:

Daily09.00 till 11.30
Monday to Wednesday16.00 till 21.00
Thursday / Friday16.00 till 19.00

    Of course, before signing up for a membership, you have the opportunity to get to know our entire range of services in a trial training session. A trial lesson in one of our PowerFit courses is also possible.

    Yes, during the introductory training we will jointly determine the individual training program for you, according to your condition and your goals. A continuous review of your training progress is also part of our offer.

    Yes, in many cases the supplementary insurance covers part of the costs. Our gym and our instructors are Qualitop certified. Please check directly with your insurer.


    You can either register at the course secretary's office by phone (Tel. 061 836 66 11) or by mail or book directly online. Participants from the current courses can register directly with the course management for the follow-up course.

    From the age of 18 you can take a course.

    A trial lesson is possible in an ongoing course. Appointments can be made with the course office by phone (061 836 66 11) or by e-mail. For an aqua fitness trial lesson you have to buy a sole uno admission.

    Yes, all except the Taijiquan course. All our course instructors are recognized by health insurance companies (Quali-cert). At the end of the course, a certificate of attendance will be issued upon request. Please inquire with your health insurance company whether a contribution to the course costs will be made within the framework of a possible supplementary insurance.

    After consultation with the course instructor or the course secretary, lessons can be made up during the current course (does not apply to Taijiquan and pelvic floor). With the end of the course this claim is no longer valid.

    Lessons not attended for medical reasons will be credited upon presentation of a doctor's certificate and will be offset against a subsequent course or can be made up.

    Participation is possible after consultation with the attending physician. You act on your own responsibility.

    Aquafit takes place in chest-deep water in the indoor pool of the sole uno wellness world, which means you should be able to stand well. If you feel unsafe, we will gladly provide you with a life jacket. You act at your own risk. The evening courses of Tuesday and Wednesday, both at 18.00, are always held with life jacket.

    In principle, the number of sole uno admissions (1.5 h) corresponds to the number of course lessons. If you are unable to attend a course date or to make up for it, the admission can of course still be used for free wellness (except on weekends). After the course block has expired, sole uno admissions that are still available remain valid until two months after the end of the course. The expiration date is shown on the display upon entry and also on the course invoice. The course subscription cannot be extended after expiration.

    Massages fit&well

    Monday till Friday09.00 till 21.00
    Saturday / Sunday10.00 till 17.00
    • You do not need an additional entrance fee tosole uno.
    • Appointments are often still available at short notice.
    • You have no lead times, i.e. you can come shortly before the massage appointment and get dressed or undressed directly in the treatment room.

    Yes, you can cancel or rebook your appointment free of charge up to 24 hours in advance. Cancellation conditions can be found in the GTC.

    • Massages are given only to persons over 18 years of age.
    • Pregnant women do not receive massages because of possible complications (see bathing regulations V. 3.). Women whose pregnancy is not recognizable to us act on their own responsibility when receiving an application.
    • In case of health problems, please consult your doctor beforehand. Please inform our massage specialists if certain areas of the body are to be excluded from the treatment or if other special features need to be taken into account.


    Monday till Friday09.00 till 20.00
    Saturday / Sunday10.00 till 16.00
    • Do not use sunscreen.

    • Protect eyes with goggles (eye cups).

    • Do not use deodorants, perfumes and covering cosmetics; stains or skin irritation could possibly occur.

    • Take off jewelry; depending on the material, skin irritation could occur with sweat produced; white streaks can be avoided.

    • When taking medication (antibiotics, birth control pills, etc.), study the instructions for use in detail or consult your doctor.

    The duration and number of tanning sessions for a deep tan depend on the respective skin type. Please also refer to our on-site information. It is recommended to allow at least 48 hours between visits or further sunbathing. Our competent staff will also be happy to advise you.

    • Perfect preparation for vacation Solarium tan is pleasant, natural tan; the same biological processes take place as in outdoor sun exposure. The tanning of the skin is a natural sun protection. The skin, our largest organ, uses pigments to protect itself from being burned by too much sun. Pre-tanning in the solarium is therefore the ideal vacation preparation and helps to preserve and maintain the precious tan for some time after the vacations.
    • Ideal vitamin D supplier in winter The sun is also known to be the main source of vitamin D production in our body. A balanced vitamin D level helps us get through the winter without mood swings and excessive fatigue. Solarium technology has made extreme progress in recent years and is now able to sufficiently stimulate vitamin D production in the body through increased UV-B levels. Solariums are therefore an excellent way to prevent vitamin D deficiency in winter (source: Solarium.ch).

    Yes, also in sole uno there is a solarium available for self-service.

    From 18 years.

    Foot care

    Medical foot care Mon - Fri 8 am - 5 pm

    Cosmetic foot care Mon - Fri 8 am - 5 pm; Sat by appointment

    Medical foot care deals with pathological changes of the feet, e.g. skin or nails (e.g. calluses, ingrown nails, corns, warts). Complaints should be alleviated and further damage should be prevented. The treatment is carried out by a trained specialist (podiatrist). In cosmetic foot care (pedicure), the focus is on care and decorative measures on the healthy foot.

    Painting the toenails costs CHF 10.00 in addition to the treatment (cosmetic or medical foot care). Nail polish in many colors and trendy shades can be purchased from us (CHF 7.50). You are also welcome to bring your own favorite nail polish.

    With a manicure, the painting of the nails (on request) is included. Here, too, the nail polish can be obtained from us on site or brought from home.

    No, during our treatments and are painted - on request - the nails in the classic way.