The sole uno is open until 5.00 pm on August 1st. Last entry at 3.00 pm, end of bathing and sauna time at 4.30 pm.

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Brine outdoor pool

Recharge your batteries in the middle of the park.

The outdoor adventure pool with its bubble loungers and seats, neck showers, massage jets, the waterfall, the flow channel and the adjacent spacious lawn is a highlight. Whether it's sunny in summer or steamy in winter, the bubbling Rheinfelder Natursole® is a real treat here at any time of year.

Water surface:250m2
Water depth:1.25 to 1.40 m
Water temperature:32 to 34°C
Salinity:About 3%
Basin: outdoor brine basin
sole uno - Aussenbecken Wasserfall
Basin: outdoor brine basin
Basin: outdoor brine basin
Basin: outdoor brine basin
Sunbathing lawn in the bathing area
Basin: outdoor brine basin
Basin: outdoor brine basin

Intensive brine pool

Float weightlessly as if in the Dead Sea.

"Float" flatly stretched out through the pleasantly tempered water. Enjoy gentle underwater sounds and impressive light reflections in the vaulted sky. The harmonious interplay of architecture, lighting and acoustics will transport you to another world. A real must-have.

Water area:200m2
Water depth:0.60 m
Water temperature:36°C

Brine indoor pool

This makes relaxing fun.

In the indoor brine pool, which is approx. 25 meters long, you can take a few leisurely laps. In the integrated, slightly elevated brine bubble pool (36 - 38 °C) with bubble loungers and seats, you can keep a relaxed overview. The colored light effects and the water reflections on the curved ceiling are especially beautiful in the evening hours, when dusk falls.

Water surface:290m2
Water depth:1.20 to 1.50 m
Water temperature:33 to 34°C
Salinity:approx. 3%

Special individual and group therapies as well as aqua fitness and water gymnastics take place in the section reserved for this purpose.

Free water gymnastics:Mon - Fri 5:00 to 5:15 p.m.

Fire and ice bath

Get your metabolism up to speed....

The health benefits of alternating warm bathing were already recognized by Sebastian Kneipp at the end of the 19th century. Today, you can experience this with all your senses in the fire and ice bath. At the latest after nightfall, when the colored light turns the water blue or red and the surrounding architecture magically glows, the sensual experience is just as intense as the health benefits.

Fire bath:40°C
Ice bath:15°C
Basin: Fire basin
Pools: Fire and ice pools
Pool: ice pool
Pools: Fire and ice pools