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A modern, spacious course room with wooden sprung floor, natural light and various training accessories awaits you in the fit&well gallery. The range of courses includes five different courses and is available as part of various memberships. Under the guidance of Qualitop-certified instructors, you can train when, how often and whatever you feel like.

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Relaxed, lighter and more vital - that's how you'll feel at the end of each Stretch & Relax session. The course combines gentle, efficient stretching techniques with mental relaxation and breathing exercises. Joints are mobilized, muscles, fascia and connective tissue are stretched and loosened. At the same time, the gentle, very efficient training promotes flexibility, strength and coordination. The course is suitable for beginners and advanced students.

Duration60 min.
Course dayThu 17.30


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High-Intensity Interval Training is a high-intensity workout with alternating load and recovery phases. The program consists of a 10-minute warm-up and cool-down phase as well as a half-hour sequence of exercises with the user's own body weight and auxiliary equipment. Fat burning and metabolism are boosted, strength endurance is improved and performance is enhanced.

Duration:50 min.
Course days:Mon 6 pm | Wed 12 + 6 pm | Fri 12 pm | Sat 10 am


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A taut belly, strong, shapely legs and a firm butt - that's what all figure-conscious people dream of. BBP supports you in targeted muscle building through effective strengthening exercises with your own body weight and aids. Problem zones are tightened, the waist circumference is reduced and posture is improved by strengthening the deep abdominal and back muscles. Suitable for beginners and advanced.

Duration50 min.
Course dayTue 14 o'clock | Wed 19 o'clock


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In this course, the focus is on the center of the body, i.e. the entire abdominal and back area. Endurance and muscle-strengthening sequences alternate and posture as well as body awareness improve in the long term. The stability exercises strengthen the back and abdominal muscles, while the conditioning exercises strengthen performance and the cardiovascular system.

Duration:50 min.
Course days:Wed 2 pm | Fri 8 am


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The varied full-body workout combines different fitness variations such as  back exercises, problem zone training and coordination exercises. They train the cardiovascular system as well as all muscle groups, improve fat metabolism and mobility. The exercises use your own body weight as well as various small pieces of equipment such as steppers, dumbbells, tubes, and so on. For anyone who loves variety of movement, whether beginner or advanced.

Duration:50 min.
Course days:Mon 7 pm | Thu 12 pm | Fri 6 pm


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Which subscription suits you?

Do you simply want to train regularly and specifically? Do you like to get carried away with PowerFit classes in the group? Is relaxing in sole uno between workouts simply part of your personal fitness program? Whatever your goals and preferences are - our various subscriptions offer you the right framework.

Subscription: Fitness

  • Access to the gym
  • Introductory and control training

CHF 265.00 (3 mths) | CHF 440.00 (6 mths) | CHF 715.00 (12 mths)


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subscription: Courses

  • All PowerFit courses freely selectable

CHF 295.00 (3 mths) | CHF 540.00 (6 mths) | CHF 970.00 (12 mths) | CHF 100.00 (10-card*)


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Combi subscription: Fitness + Courses

  • Access to the gym
  • Introductory and control training
  • Free choice of all PowerFit courses

CHF 415.00 (3 mths) | CHF 710.00 (6 mths) | CHF 1200.00 (12 mths)


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Combi subscription: fitness + sole uno

  • Access to the gym
  • introductory and control training
  • sole uno subscription (2h)

CHF 525.00 (3 mths) | CHF 935.00 (6 mths) | CHF 1705.00 (12 mths) | CHF 1840.00 (12 mths) for 3h sole uno


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Combi subscription: fitness + courses + sole uno

  • Access to the gym
  • Introductory and control training
  • free choice of all PowerFit courses
  • sole uno subscription (2h)

CHF 745.00 (3 mths) | CHF 1205.00 (6 mths) | CHF 2190.00 (12 mths)


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Included with your subscription: Wellness+

With every subscription, you also benefit from a 10% discount on the following offers:

In addition we offer personal trainings:

Weekly 30 min. CHF 75.00 (3-months subscription) CHF 140.00 (6-months subscription) CHF 270.00 (12-months subscription)

Single lesson 60 min. CHF 70.00 (possible without subscription)

    Other group courses

    Our exercise and relaxation courses are structured with fixed start and end dates
    * Aqua Fitness
    * Autogenic training
    * Pelvic floor gymnastics
    * Core Training (back stabilization)
    * Pilates / Fascia Pilates
    * Back Gymnastics
    * Taijiquan
    * Yoga


    Questions? We answer them!


    Monday till Friday7.30 till 21.00
    Saturday / Sunday7.30 till 17.00

    At the following times our fitness instructors are available for your requests:

    Daily09.00 till 11.30
    Monday to Wednesday16.00 till 21.00
    Thursday / Friday16.00 till 19.00

      Of course, before signing up for a membership, you have the opportunity to get to know our entire range of services in a trial training session. A trial lesson in one of our PowerFit courses is also possible.

      Yes, during the introductory training we will jointly determine the individual training program for you, according to your condition and your goals. A continuous review of your training progress is also part of our offer.

      Yes, in many cases the supplementary insurance covers part of the costs. Our gym and our instructors are Qualitop certified. Please check directly with your insurer.