Öffnungszeiten Pfingsten: sole uno regulär geöffnet

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The outdoor pool is closed from 27.5. to 31.5.2024 for revision.

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Öffnungszeiten Pfingsten: sole uno regulär geöffnet

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The outdoor pool is closed from 27.5. to 31.5.2024 for revision.

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1 These house rules are binding for all guests staying in the buildings and facilities of Bad Rheinfelden AG (hereinafter referred to as "BRAG"), in particular the sole uno wellness world. In addition to the house rules, the provisions of the general terms and conditions apply, which regulate the contractual relationship between BRAG, as operator of sole uno and the guests. The general terms and conditions are available for inspection at the pool cash desk or can be viewed at any time on the website www.soleuno.ch.

By entering the facilities, each guest accepts these house rules as well as all other instructions that serve to maintain operational safety and order. The staff employed at BRAG and thus also at the sole uno wellness world is authorized to establish supplementary regulations for the use of the facilities at any time based on local conditions. Use may be restricted in whole or in part for technical, safety, weather and organizational reasons. Guests must refrain from doing anything that is contrary to good manners and the maintenance of safety, peace, order and cleanliness. The staff of BRAG exercises domiciliary rights towards all guests. Guests who violate the house rules or the instructions of BRAG staff may be banned from the premises. The stay in the facilities of BRAG can be prohibited for a certain period of time or permanently. The entrance fee will not be refunded.

The facilities are to be treated with care. In the event of misuse, culpable soiling, damage or loss of borrowed items, the guest is liable for any resulting damage.

Checkroom lockers and safe-deposit boxes must be left clean and unlocked after use. 4.

4. the guest is responsible for the proper locking of the safe deposit box and the checkroom locker; the chip bracelet (entry medium) must be worn on the body during the visit. For liability, please refer to III.

5. the checkroom facilities and the bathing area are under video surveillance in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC).

6. the water pools may only be used after thorough body cleansing.

7. the use of soap and other means for body cleansing outside the shower areas is not permitted.

8. barefoot areas and shower rooms may not be entered with street shoes.

9. in the bathing area and especially in the wet area is allowed to stay only in usual bathing clothes. Long swimwear (not going above the knee and elbow) is not allowed. 10.

10) It is recommended to wear anti-slip shoes.

11. it is forbidden to jump into the pools and to push or throw other persons or objects into the pools.

12) It is not allowed to reserve resting places with bathing utensils.

13. fragile containers and objects e.g. made of glass, ceramics or porcelain may not be used in the sole uno wellness world (exception: Bistro Vista Sol).

14. the use of swimming and diving goggles as well as all playground equipment such as balls, inflatable objects, etc. is not permitted. 15. the consumption of food and beverages brought along is generally not permitted.

16. smoking is prohibited in the Wellness World, with the exception of the outdoor terrace of the Vista Sols.

17. for hygienic reasons, shaving, pedicures and manicures are not allowed.

18. the use of cell phones, cameras and film cameras, as well as all devices with which photos, films, etc. could be taken, is not permitted. Listening to music with your own devices is only allowed with earphones.

19. lost property must be handed in to the employees of the sole uno wellness world. Lost property will be disposed of in accordance with the statutory provisions.

20. the guest is entitled to the use of one white bath towel and one blue sauna towel per admission.

The opening hours as well as the prices for visiting the sole uno wellness world and the services available there can be found in the publications of BRAG, in particular the respective notice, the website or the flyers. In case of doubt, the current information on the website www.soleuno.ch shall apply. The opening hours can be shortened without any claims against BRAG.

The last admission to the sole uno wellness world is 120 minutes before the end of opening hours. The bathing and sauna operation ends 30 minutes before the end of the opening time. If the bathing and sauna time cannot be utilized, there is no right to a refund of the admission fee.

3. the purchase of an entrance ticket entitles the guests to use sole uno during the purchased time of stay. The bathing time begins when the guest passes the turnstile. If the bathing time is exceeded, additional payment is required. 4.

4. in case of high number of visitors, there may be waiting times at the entrance. As a rule, there is a queue in front of the bathing ticket office, into which all guests have to line up. Preferential, faster admission to the spa is not possible, regardless of the admission ticket (e.g. annual subscription, 10-ticket or single admission). Exceptions apply to guests who have booked a massage or reserved an entrance online as well as guests of the Park Hotel.

5. electronic or on-site tickets, which remain unused during the bathing and sauna time, will not be taken back.

6. temporary failure of individual facilities and services does not justify any reduction or refund of the paid entrance fee or any part thereof.

7. with the purchase of an entrance ticket, the guests receive a chip wristband on loan, which authorizes access and must be returned at the end. The chip wristbands (except for children's admissions and school classes) have a credit on them to enable cashless payment. Lost chip wristbands will not be replaced, a new admission must be purchased. In case of loss of the chip wristband as well as the invoice receipt, an amount of CHF 50 (credit amount) has to be paid by the guests. For lost chip bracelets, a lump sum of CHF 10.00 is also to be paid (replacement costs).

8. 10er subscriptions are personalized and only transferable to one other person. This person will receive one accompanying entry per stay at the bath cash desk.

9. reserved services not paid in advance, such as massages, must be paid at least half an hour before the start at the bath cash desk. Otherwise, the appointments may be given to someone else. There is no right to an alternative appointment.

10. access to the sole uno wellness world is strictly prohibited:

a. Persons who are under the influence of intoxicants or narcotics. b. Persons who have animals with them. c. Persons suffering from a communicable, contagious disease.

11. persons suffering from heart and / or circulatory problems and pregnant women should consult a doctor before using the sole uno wellness world.

12. persons who are unable to move, dress or undress without assistance or who are unable to climb into pools are only permitted to use the sole uno wellness world together with an accompanying person. The suitability of the accompanying person will be decided by the staff on site.

Children up to the age of 4 are not admitted, from the age of 4 to the age of 14 only in the company of an adult. Children and adolescents up to the age of 14 are not admitted to the sauna facilities of the sole uno wellness world. Individual treatments (e.g. massages) are only available to adults.

14. women from the age of 64 and men from the age of 65 are entitled to senior discounts.

1. guests use sole uno at their own risk, without prejudice to BRAG's obligation to keep all facilities in a roadworthy condition. Liability in case of accidents or injuries is rejected or limited to gross negligence.

BRAG is not liable for the destruction, damage or loss of objects brought into the facilities. This also applies to items stored in clothes racks/wardrobes or lockers. No liability can be accepted for valuables and cash even if they have been deposited in safe-deposit boxes. Guests are advised not to carry any valuables with them.

3. brine and drinking water as well as increased temperatures (for example in the sauna) can lead to changes in materials. Therefore, no liability can be accepted for damage, especially to glasses, watches, jewelry, swimwear and other items carried by the guest.

Parents are liable for their children.

1. the entire sauna area is a nude area. It can be used only unclothed.

2. in the saunas, a sufficiently large bath towel must be used as a base to prevent soiling of the benches and loungers.

3. the steam bath is to be used without a bath towel due to the high humidity. The seating area is to be cleaned with the water hose before and after use.

4. the plunge pool may be used only after thorough showering.

5. all saunas are to be entered without footwear.

6. bringing bags, backpacks or similar containers is prohibited.

7. due to the special situation of the nude area, correct behavior of the sauna guests is indispensable, especially silence is to be observed.

8. sauna infusions are performed exclusively by the staff.

1. the services in the massage lounge are provided only to persons over 18 years old.

2. in case of health problems, it is advisable to consult the family doctor in advance. If certain areas of the body are to be excluded from treatment or other special features are to be taken into account, this must be communicated to the staff in the massage lounge.

3. pregnant women do not receive massages due to possible complications. Women whose pregnancy is not apparent to us act on their own responsibility when receiving a treatment.

4. the drinks provided are to be consumed in the massage lounge. Taking them to other areas is not allowed.

1. the house rules apply to general operations. Exceptions to these house rules may be permitted for special events without the need for a special cancellation.

2. the Bad Rheinfelden AG reserves the right to change these house rules at any time.

Bad Rheinfelden AG, August 2022