The diverse offers in the massage lounge perfectly round off your stay at sole uno. Here you will find the entire massage offer of the massage lounge in the sole uno wellness world.

Please note: An additional sole uno entrance fee is required!

Massages sole uno

Salt peeling + aroma oil massage

After the skin is cleansed by the peeling and well supplied with blood, it can ideally absorb the nourishing active ingredients of the oil during the relaxing massage.

Massages sole uno

Star massage

This gentle massage for head, hands and feet brings soothing, long-lasting relaxation. Especially in hectic everyday life or exhaustion, it can work wonders.

Massages sole uno

Salt peeling

During peeling, the top layer of skin is smoothed, dead cells are removed and blood circulation is stimulated so that self-renewal is initiated.

Wellness massage in the massage lounge
Massages sole uno

Wellness massage

By means of various techniques from classical massage, the metabolism is stimulated, blood circulation is improved and the muscles are loosened and relaxed.

Massages sole uno

Foot reflexology massage

By massaging specific points on the foot, a stimulus is given to corresponding areas of the body, soothing painful zones and improving circulation.

Massages sole uno

Head, neck and shoulder massage

Relieves the nervous system and loosens tense muscles with a positive effect on blood circulation, ability to concentrate for more vitality and clarity.

Massages sole uno

Lomi Lomi massage

Using a lot of oil, the traditional Hawaiian full body massage can release tension and energetic blockages.

Massages sole uno

Lava stone massage

Shiatsu grips specially adapted to the massage with high-quality oil and warm lava stones stimulate the meridians and thus stimulate the flow of energy.

sole uno - Kräuterstempel-Massage
Massages sole uno

Herbal stamp massage

The warm massage stamps filled with herbs are moved along the muscles, meridians and lymphatic channels by gentle stroking, circling and pressing.

Massages sole uno

Aroma oil massage

The gentle full-body massage releases physical as well as mental tension. Through the sense of smell, fine fragrances also address feelings and sensations.

Massages sole uno

Lymphatic drainage

Soft and harmonious circular movements promote the removal of tissue fluid, congestion and swelling in the tissues are reduced.

sole uno - Seifenschaum-Massage
Massages sole uno

Soap Foam Massage

From the oriental bathing ritual comes the traditional full body massage including exfoliation with fabric glove and subsequent massage with fine soap foam.