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High-Intensity Interval Training is a high-intensity workout with alternating load and recovery phases. The program consists of a 10-minute warm-up and cool-down phase as well as a half-hour sequence of exercises with the user's own body weight and auxiliary equipment. Fat burning and metabolism are boosted, strength endurance is improved and performance is enhanced.

Duration:50 min.
Course days:Mon 6 pm | Wed 12 + 6 pm | Fri 12 pm | Sat 10 am


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A taut belly, strong, shapely legs and a firm butt - that's what all figure-conscious people dream of. BBP supports you in targeted muscle building through effective strengthening exercises with your own body weight and aids. Problem zones are tightened, the waist circumference is reduced and posture is improved by strengthening the deep abdominal and back muscles. Suitable for beginners and advanced.

Duration50 min.
Course daysTue 2 pm | Wed 7 pm | Fri 10 am


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In this course, the focus is on the center of the body, i.e. the entire abdominal and back area. Endurance and muscle-strengthening sequences alternate and posture as well as body awareness improve in the long term. The stability exercises strengthen the back and abdominal muscles, while the conditioning exercises strengthen performance and the cardiovascular system.

Duration:50 min.
Course days:Wed 2 pm | Fri 8 am


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The varied full-body workout combines different fitness variations such as Dance Fit, back exercises, problem zone training and coordination exercises. They train the cardiovascular system as well as all muscle groups, improve fat metabolism and mobility. The exercises use your own body weight as well as various small pieces of equipment such as steppers, dumbbells, tubes, and more. For anyone who loves variety of movement, whether beginner or advanced.

Duration:50 min.
Course days:Mon 7 pm | Fri 6 pm


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